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Navigate "tree" data strucutre?

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I have a lot of static data structures at work that I often need to refer to. One of which is a hierarchy (similar to a file tree) that I have in spreadsheet form. High level abstraction:



I'd like to use Alfred to fuzzy search anywhere along that tree and get the capacity to navigate up or down, similar to File Search's navigation mode. Mostly to get the information, maybe copy the final path. Eg. Search for Release2, navigate one level down, select Attribute4 and copy the full path (Product1>Release2>Attribute4) to clipboard.


I'm first trying to see if there's an easy way to do this "out there" or a recommend path for implementing this - before I start using the few tools I have and do something inefficient and inelegant. Is Alfred set up in a good way to take action on relatively simple data sets?

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