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  1. see my post edit; appears we basically posted at the same time. I think what I'm looking for is 'mid-string' matching. E.g. "Colombia", "lomb", "Ec", "uador" would all match to "1906 Ecuador–Colombia earthquake" edit: ahh Colombia, yes. same issue!
  2. I spent about 2 days a few months back creating effectively a (crappier) version of this to search databases of my company's part numbers and attributes, as that saves me >1min every time I need to find anything. That was before discovering this workflow, which could have saved me so much time! One note: the Packal version is not the latest (0.2.2 vs. GitHub's 0.3.2). This confused me when I was reading this thread about 'MATCH' after downloading the workflow from Packal. One question, and I will look into it and try to answer it myself. The search/matching doesn't work on words that are following a "-". For example, if I search for 'Columbia' (edit) 'Colombia' in the earthquake demo, the workflow doesn't return the "1906 Ecuador–Colombia earthquake" item. Only if I search for Ecuador will it show up. I think this has to do with the MATCH format, I'll read into it and edit my post if I find the answer edit: it's not just dash, it's basically any matching that isn't from the start of the word. The workflow I initially leveraged to create my custom solution was deanishe's Excel Demo, which leverages fuzzy matching and that just works out of the box. I am not sure if there's an easy way to set up that kind of midstring matching with the format. My usecase would require e.g. for me to type "cuad" and Alfred to return "1906 Ecuador–Colombia earthquake"
  3. I'm bumping this because I had this exact same thought yesterday and started thinking about implementation options. Amazing to see this has been done before e.g. in Chrome, all PDFs that I want to download have a save prompt with default location "downloads" – using this shortcut I can now easily download into the needed directory without having to open a finder window and drag-and-drop its icon into the save prompt. "sheet" trigger works flawlessly. 6y thanks, @Tyler Eich! EDIT: sometimes I seem to get a double entry i.e. the filepath is entered in the cmd-shift-g prompt then entered as file name then saved immediately. I bruteforce fixed this by adding a slight delay before the 'return' key is captured tell sheet 1 keystroke parentFolder delay 0.1 keystroke return end tell
  4. Oh wow this has been on my mind a long time now. Not sure how easy this would be, being an electron app, but if it's doable I'm a solid solid +1!
  5. I just started leveraging file actions more seriously (a lot of value in using 'move to' on selected files using a hotkey). I am irked by the constant notifications showing me moved files: Now, I do have some notifications that I need (or leverage for debug) in some custom workflows, so the solution isn't as easy as 'just disable notifications entirely' as suggested/solved here. Is there any way to implement a customization of notification per category? For instance, I'd like to remove all file action notifications, but retain OS-level notifs for workflows installed. Thanks, Xavier
  6. This is very cool and pretty simple, thanks for sharing!
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