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removing password from pdfs files imported into Evernote to get them searchable (indexed)...

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I think Alfred could help me to solve my "problem"... 🙂


Since passworded pdf files contents are not indexed by Evernote, I noticed that many pdfs that I receive as receipts (by email) and send directly from Gmail (using forward filters) to Evernote are not being indexed. I meant the content of these encrypted pdf files. Ok, so far, so good... I understand the reasons.


However, I'd like to remove these passwords to get their contents searchable. It's essential to point out that I do have these passwords. 

My first idea was to select the notes in Evernote and run an Applescript (maybe via Alfred??) exporting pdfs from each note, removing the password by using, for example, "qpdf" and reimporting it.


Is there any easy way to apply this over a bunch of notes? 


I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Ps.: Alfred Powerpack user, using Evernote Legacy and MacOS Monterey. 

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