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How to make a Universal Action a Workflow Action?

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There are various Universal Actions to which I want to assign a hotkey, so that:

  • When some text is highlighted, I can immediately save it as a new snippet rather than first having to bring up Universal Actions and then select 'Save as Snippet' 
  • When a file is selected, I can immediately action it with my hotkey rather than having open up Universal Actions and select the action manually.

How can I do this?

I've searched quite a lot but can't find an answer. The 'Action in Alfred' is really invaluable for coding noobs like me, but it only has 6 actions that can be selected and ofc Universal Actions isn't one of them. For a future development I think people like me would find it extremely useful for the 'Action in Alfred' option to allow you to select any Universal Action configured so that it doesn't require extra coding, at least any Universal Actions that are configured by default into Alfred. 




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