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Potential Idea for "Adding song to queue" for Apple Music - How to get a "iTunes product" type from Shortcuts

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I've been looking for a workflow that adds a song to up next queue, but have come up empty. The closest was Play-Song by caleb531 I found on GitHub, but the add to next feature is broken. It seems there isn't really an apple script command that does it either. However, it is possible to do with Shortcuts, but the input parameter type needs to be a "iTunes Product".


I've played around with Play-song but I am not sure how to pass in the selected song into Shortcuts as an "iTunes Product". I am able to run a shortcut with an AppleScript, but I am having trouble converting Play-Song's variables into "iTunes products" to pass into my Shortcut. Does anyone have any advice?


Edit: To make it more clear what I am trying to accomplish: I want to take the selected song result from Play-Song and pass it into my Shortcut workflow so it can be queued up next.



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