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Get Currently Edited Workflow URI

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Want to add one FR follow-on to this thread:


It would be a nice quality of life addition if, when triggering Alfred to open his Preferences by typing Cmd⌘+comma, he would open directly to whichever workflow was responsible for generating the selected result.


For example, if I have a workflow with a script filter that generates a list of recently copied images, it would be excellent if pressing ⌘+, would jump right into that workflow's editor, with the script filter object highlighted.

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In case it's useful to anyone, I created a small workflow / Python script that composes an alfredpreferences:// URI that links to the last object whose config you copied (⌘C from Workflow Editor).


The default trigger is a hotkey ⇧⌘C while in Alfred Preferences.


Here it is: https://github.com/luckman212/alfred-get-deeplink-to-object


update: I just uploaded v0.0.3 of this workflow, that removes the external dependency on pyobjc. Makes it more portable, let me know if anyone gives this a try!


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