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  1. This is an excellent idea! Another related thing on my wish list would be a dedicated "Notes" object, which ideally would be a resizable rectangle that could display text notes on the workflow editor area. Something like this:
  2. @dburr as you rightly concluded, if Spotlight doesn't show the apps, Alfred isn't going to be able to either. Sounds like something's majorly hosed with your Spotlight db. I'd follow Apple TN HT201716 for getting that rebuilt, or try `sudo mdutil -Ea` from Terminal.
  3. @Acidham really slick workflow! I love this. The quicklook popup in Markdown is pretty cool, but I don't have a good QL markdown plugin, so it just renders as plaintext. Got any suggestions?
  4. Thanks @deanishe - I figured I wasn't the only one who would want something like this. Maybe @Andrew would consider making this info more accessible somehow, expose an API or something. Anyway, @Acidham's workflow is neat. I'll keep an eye on it.
  5. I found a hacky way of doing it... based on research from these links: https://brettterpstra.com/2012/08/05/quick-tip-checking-for-modifier-keys-in-shell-scripts/ https://macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?id=29456 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7514280/get-modifier-keys-which-have-been-pressed-while-starting-an-app-applescript I ran some timing tests, using Python vs. external compiled (Xcode11) CLI tool vs. AppleScript—Cached AppleScript running from a NSAppleScript object was the fastest and requires no external dependencies, so that wins for now. I think this still should be a native option in Alfred (branch from Contact Actions based on modifier keys) but for now, this achieves the goal: NSAppleScript use framework "Foundation" use framework "AppKit" on alfred_script(q) set cMod to current application's class "NSEvent"'s modifierFlags() set s to (cMod div 131072 mod 2 is 1) set outStr to (s & "|" & q) as text return outStr end alfred_script This will pass along a string into {query} in the format bool | arg I then use Split Arg to Vars object to put the bool ("true" or "false") flag of the SHIFT key state into a workflow argument, which is later used in the conditional to branch accordingly.
  6. Before I go too far down a rabbit hole, I came here for a sanity check... What I'm after is to be able to programmatically generate a list of all defined hotkeys across my entire workflows collection. I briefly looked at iterating though each Info.plist from the Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.{UUID}/info.plist and trying to parse out the details using some XML tools... but that seems like a medium sized undertaking and if there's any other simpler or more reliable way I'd love to hear about it! Thanks guys
  7. Thanks @Andrew I ended up using a pipe instead but — since this tab char would be invisible, wouldn't it be more sensible to use things like \t or \n for readability?
  8. I'm trying to split my {query} into separate vars based on the [TAB] delimiter (usually represented in regex by "\t") I want to use the new Split Argument to Variables Utility workflow object for this: It doesn't seem to work. Works fine with other delims such as comma and pipe("|") Is there a way to do this, is this a bug, or am I "doing it wrong" ? Thanks
  9. ... or Cmd+Shift+4 and then hold the CTRL key while snapping, which also makes the output go to the clipboard
  10. Try: sudo -A xattr -w com.apple.metadata:kMDItemKeywords "( slack )" /Applications/Franz.app
  11. Kind of feels hacky but I was able to figure out how to do this using a Script Filter object instead: Is this the "right way" to do it?
  12. I think I've found out what's going on here. Seems Apple's added yet another layer of obfuscation here with a compressed Assets.car file, which can only be read by specialized tools. Here are a few links I found about this: Reverse engineering the .car file format (compiled Asset Catalogs) steventroughtonsmith/cartool: Export images from OS X / iOS .car CoreUI archives iphone - Analysing Assets.car file in iOS - Stack Overflow insidegui/AssetCatalogTinkerer: An app that lets you open .car files and browse/extract their images. I was able to use this beta version of Asset Catalog Tinkerer to extract PNG icons from inside those archives. So now I've got a workflow (I'm dubbing it "Preferences Plus"—will post it shortly) that shows all Prefs, with their proper icons, and uses JSON Script Filter to match on the keyword metadata as well (similar to searching in the System Preferences search box...)
  13. I would like to set up a Keyword trigger and have the Title be dynamically constructed from the workflow name. I am aware of the script environment variable `$alfred_workflow_name` —and this works fine from a Bash script, AppleScript etc. But, are these variables not available to the workflow itself? (outside of a script). E.g. the setup below does not produce any value:
  14. @Andrew 4.0.7 fixed the problem! I don't really see any noticeable delay (but I am on a 6-core i7 Mac Mini 2018 so it's possible older machines might). I'm happy with this fix!
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