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    Merge last "N" number of clipboards

    Well, that was a long & winding road. I'm new to Alfred so I'm still figuring things out. I tried everything I could to avoid using a /tmp file but this was the only way that worked. Everything else—using variables, trying to process the clipboard buffers from within the workflow itself, using external triggers etc, all failed. This seems to be due to the way Alfred processes the query buffer as it passes through the workflow. Internally, a reference like `{clipboard:11}` will always return that exact text (e.g. if used in a comparison statement from bash or python) -- it only converts it to the actual clipboard value during OUTPUT actions such as Large Type or Write Text File. The 2nd problem is, if `{clipboard:11}` contains a NULL (empty) value, instead of returning BLANK (which would be expected), Alfred insists on instead outputting the dynamic placeholder itself. So, if you have only 5 clips and you ask for 10 to be merged, the last 5 will be written out as just `{clipboard:6}, {clipboard:7}...` etc. TL;DR I could not find a reliable way to test for "empty" values and omit them from the output other than using Write Text File and then processing it with sed. This works fine though, and the script cleans up the /tmp file after itself and is pretty quick about it. If anyone knows a better way I'm all ears. But I think this is something that would have to be fixed in Alfred itself. Here's the new version: changes omits empty strings from output if you request > clips than exist in the history configurable MIN_CLIPS and MAX_CLIPS variables added notifications for success/failure https://github.com/luckman212/clipmerge-alfred-workflow/blob/master/README.md
  2. luckman212

    Merge last "N" number of clipboards

    Thanks. Yes, I noticed the same thing after posting. I'm working on a fix for if you type a number that exceeds the number of clips you have in the history.
  3. luckman212

    Merge last "N" number of clipboards

    Figured out a way - not sure if it's the "right" way but, it works well enough. I used a couple of bash scripts to validate/filter the input as well as loop & process the output. If you want to have a look... (link removed, scroll down for the new version)
  4. I'm trying to make a workflow that accepts a single parameter "N" (a number) and then uses that to merge the last N clipboards, and paste that to the frontmost app. Let's call it "clipmerge" and it uses keyword `cm`. e.g. "cm9" would take {clipboard:0} {clipboard:1} ... {clipboard:8} and merge them. Anyone got any ideas on how to achieve this? edit: I figured out my own solution... click here
  5. Bug summary: When using the default contacts search method (Contacts API) strings contained in parentheses `(` & `)` are not found. Switching to the Spotlight Metadata method in Advanced settings is a partial workaround but that has other unwanted side-effects** * What you were doing when the issue happened Searching for a contact named "The Real Deal (TRD)" using the query "TRD" * Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Yes, always. * Include any screenshots that might help us Searching "TRD" in Alfred: Searching "(TRD" in Alfred: * Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Alfred 3.7.1 (946) * Include your OS X version macOS 10.14.3 (18D42) ____________________________________________ ** Seems to be more of a macOS bug: I have a Google account (with "contacts" DISABLED) on my Mac but macOS still seems to download/sync this to an "AddressBook-v22.abcddb" file in the background, and the data is getting indexed and returned in Alfred—which causes duplicate results to be displayed.
  6. Sorry to drag this thread back up, but I am hitting this same problem. I'm constantly switching back and forth between Mac/Windows(Parallels) so it's a real nuisance. It would be excellent if Alfred could add a configuration area where users could specify certain apps (e.g. VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox, etc) which will cause ^Ctrl+V to be sent if they are frontmost (instead of Cmd+V).