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  1. I tried to make the jump to Firefox last week (adblockalypse). I'm fundamentally opposed to supporting Google's omnipotence, but a few things caused me to give up (for now) and revert to Chrome. This lack of scriptability was one of the biggest ones. I have a bunch of scripts, workflows, and Automator services around browser windows. These depend on being able to reliably fetch the URL of the current browser tab. I commented on FF bug#125419 but so far no response. Nor am I hopeful that we'll see movement on this, seeing how the bug is old enough to fight & die for its country. But I will keep checking back from time to time. I hope to try the switch again later this year.
  2. I'm on 4.0.2 now - Does a section need to be added to this dialog to specifically request Calendar access?
  3. I was super excited to hear about RichText being added to the Snippets function, and one of the first things I did was try it out with Evernote. I have certain styled blocks of text that I want to always re-use in Evernote and I was hoping to use Alfred as a simple template library for these. Alas, it doesn't seem to work right. Example, here's a section (simple text/codeblock) that I wanted to make into a snippet. In EN it looks like this: I created a RichText snippet from this and then tried pasting it into a note, here's how it came out: (note the codeblock formatting is missing, there is a faint gray background separating each line of text, and the header font has changed from Arial to Times) Not sure if this is fixable from Alfred's side or if it's just a peculiarity of how Evernote deals with rich text but... it's no good 😟 For comparison, the same snippet saved in PasteBot and then pasted into EN works fine and is perfectly formatted. (Alfred 4.0.1 b1078)
  4. One thing I noticed when upgrading from v3 β†’ v4 was that I had to enable this checkbox to get the app search results I wanted. Seems like in v3 this defaulted to on but in v4 it's off by default, which may affect results:
  5. I saw Alfred4 is out today (first release!) but I didn't see anything like this in the release notes. Maybe 4.1 πŸ˜‰
  6. Got it. I really have to level up my Python skills so I can generate proper JSON. Right now my script filters are all limited to Bash/XML which does not support the match property.
  7. Answering my own question. I found the solution here (Thanks @Vero !! ) http://www.packal.org/workflow/contacts-filter-text-content Basically, un-check "Contacts in Default Results and then create a custom workflow to search contacts. I used just the single letter "c" for mine. Works perfectly!! I think this could use a little mention or a bit of documentation on https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/contacts/. Could be a slow brain day for me but I struggled to figure this out and it should be more obvious I think... πŸ™ƒ
  8. I have a few keyword triggers that also seem to show results from Contacts. I don't want this. If a keyword matches, I want ONLY the results from that keyword/script filter. Is this possible? I know I can turn off the checkbox in Default results: But then, how do I search Contacts and take action on them??
  9. I have a lot of list & script filters. They are my favorite feature of Alfred and are probably the most powerful thing about it. One wish I have is that I would like to have an option (per script filter object) to have the search results/filter match on both the Title or the SUBTITLE. Example, in the filter below, if I was to type "entire", I would like the "Clear" item to be matched:
  10. I saw this has been asked a few times before (e.g. here) but there wasn't a clear answer. Since Alfred 4 is coming soon, I would like to throw this into the pot to see if it might be possible. My brain is getting old. It's hard to remember all the different keywords and hotkeys I've set up. To aid myself I like to be able to use multiple keywords to trigger the same workflow step. Example, I have a workflow for connecting Bluetooth devices, that I trigger using `bt` instead of just "bt" I'd like to add a few more keywords, e.g. "blue", "connect", "audio" etc. I know I can duplicate the script filter opject and connect its Output to the same stepβ€”it's a poor man's workaround, but it'd be cleaner and better to allow multiple keywords, such as this:
  11. @deanishe Hmm, interesting! I knew XML was considered "legacy" but didn't know it was deprecated completely. I want to switch to JSON but my Python is super rusty and I was struggling to generate clean, valid JSON with pure Bash scripting. Any tips for generating JSON from e.g. CSV or tabular data? For now, I came up with a poor man's workaround- using semicolon `;` as a delimiter instead. I'm not happy about it, but I guess this will probably not be fixed in Alfred so I will try to look at switching to JSON. I see that XML mode also supports using variables in the script filter so I may give that a try as well. Thanks for the help πŸ™‚
  12. Thanks @deanishe for taking time to reply. Here's a sample workflow that shows the issue I'm facing called BrokenTabs https://nas.ldh.me/ss/BrokenTabs.alfredworkflow.zip It has 2 keyword triggers: btabsf (script filter) and btablf (list filter) The List Filter works fine, but the script filter doesn't. Hope you will be able to see what I mean after playing with it.
  13. Pulling my hair out on this one. I have a script filter which generates args in the format arg1(tab)arg2(tab)arg3 with spaces Where (tab) is a literal tab character (HEX 0x09) aka \t in regex. No matter what I've tried, Alfred always mangles the tabs into spaces (HEX 0x20) which is no good for me since Arg3 may contain spaces and needs to be processed by the bash script as a single parameter. If, instead of a Script Filter, I use a standard List Filter and press the [tab] key in the Arg field, something like this ...that passes the Tabs on to the bash script correctly. Anyone know why this is happening or is there any workaround? Is this a bug?
  14. Thank you @GuiB that is definitely helpful. I will try fooling around with this probably this weekend when I have more time (hopefully)
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