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  1. @Andrew I'm going to piggy back on this thread because I think it might be related to something I just discovered... I'm also on Big Sur 11.0.1 + Alfred 4.2.1-1187 After the "upgrade" 😞 to BigSur, my contact searches started turning up empty. I checked to make sure the metadata files were there on the disk (yep) and were readable, etc. Here's how my contacts search is set (using a custom "file filter" search) I finally tried enabling the "Show files marked as System File" checkbox... and voilà, everything was right again. A further check
  2. Yep that would be pretty useful! I like the concept of 'alias' since that is already a familiar term for macOS users. Something like this would look nice:
  3. @Macchio - @alfredpleb - @blizzrdof77 -- I found a bug that prevents certain keywords from appearing in the search results. Need to beef up the JSON parsing a bit but I should have it working in a day or 2. I'll definitely post an update soon!
  4. @alfredpleb Sorry for the delay on that. I haven't released PrefsPlus (yet) ... although I am continuing to use it and it's working well (for me). I'd like to share it. Would you mind testing it out to see if it works for you before I release it widely? I could send you a link via PM.
  5. Hi @Andrew do you think you'd consider this "always show LargeType verbatim" option at some point?
  6. @Andrew btw - I tried updating to prerelease to see if this was still there (and it is)
  7. Alfred macOS 10.15.3 This is just a small quirk I noticed the other day: If you have the Snippets feature page open but Alfred is not the active/focused App, you can still right click and get the context menu to appear, however any item selected from this menu will have no effect. It just vanishes into the ether.
  8. v 1.1.0 uploaded, changes the bulk mode from a keyword trigger to a script filter so it can do some additional error checking and grab max_clips by counting the # if images in the history.
  9. I uploaded v1.0.3 that has that change and 1 other small fix for bulk mode.
  10. Much appreciated. I have a few other things planned for this workflow, I'll definitely make that adjustment.
  11. Thanks for that @deanishe . Wonder what Apple will do now that python2 is deprecated, since they've been ripping stuff out of macOS with great enthusiasm.
  12. Just to clarify what I was asking about above with the List Comprehensions, I'm talking about this. Populating the list using List Comprehension items = [] with database(dbpath) as db: rows = db.execute("SELECT foo...) items = [{ "title": r[1], "arg": r[0] } for r in rows ] Populating the list using a loop and append (this is the current method used) items = [] with database(db_path) as db: rows = db.execute("SELECT bar...) for r in rows: if r[2] == None: (...do stuff...) else: (...do other stuff...)
  13. Hey guys, Thought I'd share this little workflow. I found myself often needing to dump out the last N clipboard images from Alfred's history to disk. It was tedious before, find the right item, copy it back to the pasteboard, paste into Preview, save as PNG, give it a non-overlapping name, etc. So I created this to make it semi-automatic. Shouldn't need anything special, but please let me know if you run into any trouble. Feedback welcome! One thing for sure I would like some advice on is whether the Script Filter (Python) could be turned back into a List Comprehension which f
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