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  1. I just tested it after changing the hotkey to ⌥A — same issue.
  2. Yes, other hotkeys e.g. ⌘-space or F8 (which toggles my crosshairs from PixelSnap) continue to work fine during these unresponsive times. So it's not F-keys. It's only Alfred that gets hung up for some reason.
  3. macOS 11.2.2 Alfred When hitting my main Alfred hotkey (F11) his window usually appears instantly. But, I've noticed that during certain conditions, such as shortly after launching a slow-to-open app from the Dock (Excel, Photoshop, etc) the Alfred window does not appear. Instead, it seems to hang until the foreground app is in the "ready" state. (Not sure technically what this is called, but essentially it's ready to receive input - mouse clicks, key events, etc). This can also happen if the foreground app gets busy, doing some long running task etc.
  4. @gingerbeardman Hey 👋 Happy Friday! I wasn't referring to your workflow actually. I was talking about Red Sweater's Usable Keychain Scripting (download).
  5. By Jove you've done it! Thanks again for this 🎉 P.S. to anyone else who happened to download the test workflow above, I noticed a bug in it this morning- $RANDOM is 16-bit only (0-32767) so the jibberish output only contains words beginning with the letters {a,b,c}. Pretty boring. Newer versions of Bash support $SRANDOM which is 32-bit, so changing the shebang to #!/usr/local/bin/bash and RANDOM to SRANDOM will "fix" it. Also, swapping in gnu-sed for the built in macOS sed speeds up the loop by a factor of 2 for me. Here's an updated version in
  6. Thank you @Andrew ! Yes that's going to be very useful indeed. Much appreciated. Question: will it accept "0" as the wrap parameter? (disable wrapping completely). That would be nice- in case of a very long line, it could just disappear into the right edge of the largetype boundary.
  7. Is anyone else having this problem? Sometimes I feel like this xkcd https://xkcd.com/979
  8. Thanks Vitor. I'll try to present some better info. For now, I'm experimenting with accomplishing this using Hammerspoon, seems that might be more efficient.
  9. In case anyone wants to really get nuts with fine-tuned URL scheme management, I suggest checking out Finicky. It's up on GitHub: https://github.com/johnste/finicky It lets you route URLs to different apps using rule-based logic. So you could make URLs containing *.google.com open in Chrome, and still keep Firefox as your default browser (example).
  10. I'm trying to make a universal hotkey workflow that will "un-minimize" an app's windows- the ones with those pesky diamonds next to them e.g. No matter what I've tried, it's failing to work. I spent a good 3 hrs on this today and basically got nowhere. Here's a snippet of code that (mostly) works when run from Script Editor, but it fails miserably when put inside an Alfred osascript of NSAppleScript object: tell application (path to frontmost application as text) try set miniaturized of windows to false end try try set
  11. @jdfwarrior or @vehovmar I know it's been many years... did you ever find a solution?
  12. macOS 11.2 Alfred I have some workflows that dump columnar text into LargeType. For some reason, the wrapping gets crazy sometimes. Long lines, especially ones containing many spaces end up with soft line breaks all over the place. I think pictures are worth 1000 words here, so here are a few as well as a workflow that you can download to replicate these: LargeType Odd Wrapping.alfredworkflow The workflow trigger is keyword "jibber" It generates 10 lines of random text, in 2 columns It accepts an optional parameter in the format
  13. I was troubleshooting hotkeys today and realized you can type ?hotkey into Alfred to query for hotkey triggers. Neat. BUT, the filtering seems to be based on the Title and Subtitle only (they hotkey itself is not included) so e.g. this won't work: Is it possible to query using ?hotkey for the key itself (maybe a feature request...)
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