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lastpass-alfred-lite: a lightweight workflow for access your lastpass vault items in Alfred

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GitHub: https://github.com/ALexander4295502/lastpass-alfred-lite



A lightweight alfred workflow for accessing your lastpass vault items. No lastpass-cli needed!

usage screenshot


lpass <keyword> #keyword can be the username/url/vault_entry_name

Install workflow

Install npm package

yarn global add lastpass-alfred-lite
# or 
npm install -g lastpass-alfred-lite

Create vault file in the user root folder with 777 permission

cd ~/
touch .lastpass_lite_vault_file
chmod 777 .lastpass_lite_vault_file

Setup global environment in alfred

  • [Required] LAST_PASS_LITE_USERNAME: the username of your lastpass account
  • [Required] LAST_PASS_LITE_PWD: the password of your lastpass account
  • [Optional] NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS: need only if you have additional certificate needs to import to node.js runtime (e.g. behind a proxy)** Environment variables setup
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