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Quick Access to Environment Variables


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first post here, so first of all: Great App, great developer team, great community! Out of all the productivity apps on the MacOS ecosystem Alfred remains my daily driver 🤗


I make heavy use of Environment Variables primarily connected to script actions.

So my first suggestion is right there: A keyboard shortcut to directly open the Environment Variable Window without using the mouse.


One problem I often face is that by the time I edit e.g. my Run Script action I realize that I accidentally copied the name of the wrong environment variable or I copied the name instead of the value or vice versa. 

Since Alfred does not allow to open two Preferences Windows in parallel (actually not sure why, if this is indeed possible, please tell me 😊 ) I then have to close the action, reopen the Environment Variables Window, close it again and reopen the action again, which is tedious.


Thus, my feature request is some form of quick access to Environment Variables while editing workflow actions. For example, Keyboard Maestro has an action called Insert Variable which can be assigned to a keybinding and opens a palette (see screenshot below) with all user-defined variables that are filtered by typing and inserted with Enter.


Ideally, such a palette in Alfred would allow to paste the variable name or the variable value (one perhaps while pressing a modifier key) and only variables defined within the current workflow are displayed.


Let me know if such a feature is even realistic or if I better get used to copying the correct variable name in the first place 😋


Thanks for your great work!





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