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Alphred :: App.net Distraction-free posting Workflow

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Alphred Workflow for Alfred 2.

Alphred is a Distraction-free Alfred 2 posting Workflow, so you can just post your thoughts to App.net (requires paid membership or an invitation from paid member) without launching any apps, and while running any other application. Simply type adn followed by your post.

How to Use Alphred:

  • Download Alphred using the download link to the right.
  • Open the workflow file, to install it directly to Alfred 2 (Powerpack license is required for Workflows).
  • For first time only run adnauth to start the authorization process. This will take you to a web page where you will be able to Authorize Alphred.
  • Copy & Paste the command provided in the web page into Alfred.
  • Now you are ready to post; just type adn followed by your thoughts.

Download it and Enjoy it.

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Have a question about using Alphred across multiple Macs. Set up on my MBP and works great. I sync my workflows through Dropbox so it is available on my iMac as well. However, whenever I try to post from the iMac it gives a post error message. I tried to do the adnauth command again but it is asking for username and password instead of going to the authorize web page as it did on my MBP.  Have I missed a setup somewhere to allow it to work on both devices?

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