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Simple Date Tools

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Now that I've discovered the Gallery, I decided to tidy up one of workflows and put it on GitHub and share it, with a view to submitting.

The GitHub repository is here: https://github.com/akrabat/alfred-date-tools.


You can install here: https://alfred.app/workflows/akrabat/date-tools/


It contains a couple of simple date related things that I found that I looked up frequently, so I automated them into Alfred:


Day Number:  Type dn followed by a date to show the day number for a given date. This is a number between 1 and 366, so 1st Jan is 1, 13 March 2023 is 72, but 13 March 2024 is 73 as 2024 is a leap year.

This is also a quick way to find out the day of the week for a given day.



Is Leap Year: Type `isleapyear` followed by a year to see if that year is a leap year or not.




The keywords used for Day Number and Is Leap Year are configurable on the Workflow's configuration page and it depends on GNU's `date` utility which is called `gate` once installed via `brew install coreutils`.


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