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Day One Alfred Workflow

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Create Day One entries directly from Alfred. (requires Day One Mac 2.1.2 and later)

GitHub: https://github.com/ManuelMagalhaes/Day-One-2-Alfred-Workflow

This is my personal Alfred workflow to create entries in Day One. This extension allows to create entries, in the default journal or a specified one, and making them starred using Alfred. It's also possible to create entries with multiple lines by using "/n".


The Day One's CLI tool needs to be installed to use this workflow. Instructions are available here: https://dayoneapp.com/guides/tips-and-tutorials/command-line-interface-cli/



New entry to the default journal: d1 (TEXT)

New starred entry to the default journal: d1s (TEXT)

New entry to the especified journal: d1j "(JOURNAL NAME)" (TEXT)

New starred entry to the especified journal: d1sj "(JOURNAL NAME)" (TEXT)


(The double quotes between the journal's name when specifing a journal to post in are required).


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