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Fuzzy match for workflow titles

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One of the reasons I like Alfred so much is the fuzzy search works really well for all the apps and files on my system. For some reason though, I've been having trouble achieving the same search niceness for triggering workflows. In particular, I have a keyword trigger that makes Chrome my default browser, the keyword is `dchrome`, and the title of the trigger is "Make Chrome Default Browser". Unfortunately, if I search for anything like "make chrome default" or "chrome default" it doesn't seem to match the title of the workflow - I have to type in exactly `dchrome`. Is there anyway where I can fuzzy match the titles of all or certain workflows in addition to the keyword?



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Ah thanks, I didn't know about the `||` operator. It seems like that partially solves my problem, although the keywords are still not fuzzy matched, e.g. if I have one of the keywords be `make chrome default browser`, then it won't match for the alfred query `default chrome`. I guess I have to manually add in all the different aliases I can think of, or is there a way to make it fuzzy match that I'm missing?

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To my knowledge, we can't have fuzzy searches on all keyword, which are basically triggers for a workflow. However, I can think of another solution for your problem (maybe others will have better approach).


Have everything related mapped to the same keyword across multiple workflows. e.g., To set default apps, browser, etc, I use the `defaults` keyword across these workflows. That way, I don't have to remember which keyword to type to perform a specific action. And I have to type less 😊


Hope this helps



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