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Workflow to add colon symbol to string

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I'm looking on a workflow to copy a specific string (12 character/digits) with no symbols in it, transform it in the same string but adding a colon symbol ( : ) every 2 characters.

Is it possible via workflow or via Text Expander/Replace utility?

I have no clue on how to start! Thank you!

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19 hours ago, zeitlings said:

I'm not entirely sure what your desired result looks like. An example would be helpful.

I assume you are looking for this: 

h3llog00dbye -> h3:ll:og:00:db:ye


You can do that with RegEx:


Replacing the captured groups with



You can use the "Replace" utility for that. 



See also: https://regex101.com/r/tZMJDZ/1


Hello! Thank you! Is it possible to filter this for only 12-digits/chars elements in the current clipboard? 

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