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Also submitted to the Gallery yesterday.

Workflow searches directly more than 20 documentation sites:


➡️ https://github.com/chrisgrieser/alfred-docs-searches


  • css: MDN
  • html: MDN
  • js: MDN
  • jxa: JavaScript for Automation Cookbook
  • lua
  • eslint
  • rome
  • sc: shellcheck Wiki
  • pandoc
  • git: official docs & the "pro-git" book
  • py: python official docs
  • sh: cheat.sh
  • man: man pages
  • hs: Hammerspoon reference
  • sb: sketchybar docs
  • ke: Karabiner Elements docs
  • star: starship prompt docs
  • ep: espanso docs
  • wt: WezTerm docs


also included for convenience:

  • cc: conventional commit keywords
  • keycode: macOS keycodes
  • appid: app-id of installed macOS apps
  • code: simple code search on GitHub and Sourcegraph




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