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Can I use Alfred to create a shortcut to call Airdrop from any application?

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If you want to share between your own (iOS, iPad) devices, the web page you are viewing should show up if you just pick them up (handoff).

Safari and other browsers have a "Share" menu bar item. In case of Safari, for instance, it is File > Share. Personally, I would access that item with the menu bar search workflow. 


Alternatively, you could crawl the Menubar items with AppleScript and trigger Share with a shortcut, say cmd+shift+R that only triggers when using the browser.


Another option is to bind those menu bar items to a shortcut in the macOS System Preferences.

System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts... > App Shortcuts + Safari > Menu Title: 'Share...' and set the Shortcut to Cmd+Shift+R.

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