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Allow Alfred to create new directories on the fly when using "Move To..." or "Copy To..."

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I often find myself wanting to move a bunch of files quickly to a subfolder that hasn't been made yet and it would be amazing if i could perform the whole action in one go with alfred when i use the "Move To..." or "Copy To..." functions. I would like to just be able to continue typing on top of the path of existing directories i choose to create as many sub folders deep as I want. I imagine it functioning like  mkdir -p does in terminal. 


mkdir -p /path/to/my/deep/sub/folder


Obviously when you hit return it would make those folders and also complete your copy or move operation.

I feel  the feature could be an option we could turn on or off in default alfred preferences. It would make alfred and amazing quick and powerful way to organise your filing system.

BTW: I am aware there are workflows that exist to make folders but there only many single folders and don't chain on top of the "Move To..." or "Copy To..."  functions like i'm suggesting.

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