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Add_text to file(or folder)name

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Hi all, 


Trying to achieve a workflow that appends text to filenames (and preferably also folder names) of the selected files (folders) in finder. But i'm somewhat stuck at the moment. It needs to do this:

  1. Need to add text to the end of filename but before the .file-extension → the orange part does this (only for files) but with fixed text
  2. Choose from a list of predefined text options (like the list filter?)
  3. Command+z option → when the choice of input was wrong


I think the append to file block can't be used for this right? It adds text inside a file, right? Can't the chosen list filter input be sent to the script and use this to add that to the filename?


Below the link to the workflow:



Hope to find some helpfull tips here.

Thanks in advance.



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