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alfred-video2ringtone - convert video to ringtone

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Alfred workflow to convert video to ringtone. Sometimes you might like to use a song as ringtone, although there are many application can do this, but it's still a little bit complicated. This workflow is aim to simplify the process.






  1. Convert Video to m4a ringtone embeded cover art
  2. Custom ringtone duration (max 40 seconds), fade in/out duration
  3. Universal Action Convert video 2 ringtone to convert video to ringtone
  4. Detect video from browser and clipboard
    • Browser: Safari, Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge
  5. Support Sites support-site.json is depend on yt-dlp/yt-dlp support sites. It's possible to add more sites by yourself. The folloiwing sites are added by default:
    • Youtube
    • Bilibili
    • nicovideo
    • soundcloud


Ringtone concept





List exist ringtone


  • vl keyword to list exist ringtone
  • to preview
  • +↩ to remove ringtone
  • ^+↩ to re-convert ringtone again
  • ↩ with Action in Alfred


Detect video from browser


  • vd keyword to detect video from browser or clipboard



  • +↩ to launch support-site.json




Convert video 2 ringtone & preview


HH:MM:SS ex: 00:00:30
HH:MM:SS,duration ex: 00:00:30,2
HH:MM:SS,duration,FadeIn&Out  ex: 00:00:30,2,2
HH:MM:SS,duration,FadeIn,FadeOut ex: 00:00:30,3,2,2



  • ⌘+L for above help
  • to preview URL page
  • +↩ to Open URL page



  • to preview ringtone
  • ⌥+↩ to remove ringtone
  • ↩ with Action in Alfred




Due to workflow leverage yt-dlp and ffmpeg to download video and convert to m4a format ringtone as background process. If you want to cancel the stuck process, just type vc keyword.



Change Log



  • Initial release



The workflow give a easy way to convert Excel sheet to CSV file via Alfred.
⤓ Install on the Github | Source

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