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Logseq Workflow

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Logseq Workflow 

Alfred workflow to find blocks, tasks, or pages, and to quickly send notes to the journal.

GitHub Release


  • ls . Shows static fetch options for blocks with markers.
    • cmd + shift to mark task complete.
  • ls + {{new block}} Append to today's journal page.
  • ls : {{query}} Query pages.
    • cmd + enter to query blocks on page.
    • shift to quick look preview the page.
  • ls {{query}} Query blocks.
    • cmd + enter to open corresponding page.
    • opt + enter to open the first detected URL.1
    • cmd + L to view the unabridged block content.
    • shift to quick look preview the first detected URL.



 ls2 ls3

 ls4 ls5


  • How to activate Logseq's Local HTTP Server and generate a token.
  • NB: The date format MMM do, yyyy receives special treatment to correctly reproduce the journal page names generated by Logseq. Any other date format must be natively reproducible by Foundation's DateFormatter.

  1. Also responds to DEVONthink item links. 

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