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Alfred Homebrew search

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  • Search for a Homebrew package via the `bi` keyword.
    • ⏎: Install the package (`brew install`) in the Terminal. (Uses the terminal app you have configured in your Alfred settings.)
    • ⌘⏎: Open the package's homepage (`brew home`).
    • ⌥⏎: Copy the package's homepage to the clipboard.
    • ⇧⏎: Show package information (`brew info`) in Large Text.
  • Reinstall a package already installed on your system via the `br` keyword (`brew reinstall`).
  • Uninstall a package via the `bu` keyword (`brew uninstall`). Optionally, use the `--zap` option for a clean uninstallation.
  • Search and install fonts available in the Homebrew font tap via the `bf` keyword (`brew install font-…`).


➡️ https://github.com/chrisgrieser/alfred-homebrew



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