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TickTick Workflow - Interact with your tasks and lists

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TickTick Workflow

This workflow allows you to search, open, add, and complete tasks in TickTick

TickTick Alfred Workflow


Click here to download the latest version of the workflow. Or you can build it yourself by cloning the repo into your Alfred workflows directory: https://github.com/Yakitrak/ticktick-alfred-workflow


  1. Go to https://developer.ticktick.com/manage and create a new app with any name you want. You'll be asked for a redirect url, please enter in http://localhost. Now you should have a "Client ID" and "Client Secret".
  2. Go to "Configure Workflow" button on this workflow on Alfred, and copy and paste the "Client ID" and "Client Secret"
  3. Using Alfred, type in tsetup1 and authorise the workflow, you'll be redirected to http://localhost?code=xxxxx. Please copy the code from the url.
  4. Using Alred, type in tsetup2 followed by the code from the step 1 (e.g. tsetup2 xxxxx). You are now ready to use the workflow!



List Search tls <query>

Search for a list in TickTick. Pressing enter will open the list in TickTick.

List Search

Create List tln <list-name>

Create a new list in TickTick with the given name.

Create List


Task Search tts <query>

Search for a task in TickTick. Pressing enter will open the task in TickTick.

Task Search

You can search for tasks in a few different ways:

  • tts - Search for all tasks
  • tts <task-name> - Search for tasks with the given name
  • tts <list-name> - Search for tasks in the given list
  • tts @today or tts @tod - Search for tasks due today
  • tts @tomorrow or tts @tom - Search for tasks due tomorrow
  • tts @thisweek or tts @tw - Search for tasks due this week


Complete Task

You can complete a task by pressing cmd + enter when selecting a task in the search results from the Task Search command.

Create Task ttn <task-name>, <due-date>

Create a new task in TickTick with the given name.

Create Task

You can add an optional comma at the end and include a due date using natural language:

  • ttn Do laundry
  • ttn Do the laundry, tomorrow at 5pm
  • ttn Do the laundry, next week
  • ttn Do the laundry, monday


Sync tsync


Sync your TickTick account with the workflow by clearing the cache and fetching your latest lists and tasks. This is done automatically when:

  • You search for a list or task, and it's been more than 5 minutes since the last sync
  • You create a new list or task
  • You complete a task

Once you run this command, please wait a moment for the sync to complete before searching for a list or task. This can take a few seconds if you have a lot of lists.



Calendar (Day) tcd

Open the calendar in TickTick, in the day view.

Calendar (Week) tcw

Open the calendar in TickTick, in the week view.

Calendar (Month) tcm

Open the calendar in TickTick, in the month view.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you for giving it a try! I think I know the issue and will aim to fix it soon. Its missing requests which I didn’t package locally, thinking it was in built to python3. But its an easy fix if you want it working in the mean time, you can just install it for yourself so the workflow can use it globally. Please run this anywhere:

pip3 install requests

Also did you run tsetup1 and tsetup2 first? I’d have expected tsetup2 to have failed if you tried the setup based on the above error.

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I have requests installed but its possible I messed up my python environment.

also, tsetup1 ran as expected, took me to a browser, authenticated TickTick, and then gave me a redirect that didn't work but gave me my "code". I then ran tsetup2 and pasted that code in. I got no response but assumed that it was successful. I just ran it again and you are correct (see attached from results of tsetup2).image.thumb.png.50cbc3bca97ad8e79722d3bd60c50bd8.png

Any way.. I can wait till you package it together.. let me know if you want me to try anything else.

Thanks for the quick responses!

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