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Quick operation of Tencent meetings

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Quick operation of Tencent meetings.




### Quick join


Just enter 'jm' and the conference code, for example:


`jm 111-111-111`

`jm 111111111`


### Quick create meeting


#### Create quick meeting


You can also reset the default meeting name.

Just type `cm`.


#### Create meeting


Here are some optional parameters for creating a more cumbersome meeting.


- Specify the name of the meeting


`-n meeting_name`


- Specify the password of the meeting


`-p password`


- Set meeting Time


`-m 30`


- Set When to start the meeting, it is in the format of %Y-%m-%d/%H:%M.


`-t 2023-11-09/12:30`


- Set When to start the meeting, a few hours later.


`-t 1h`


- Set When to start the meeting, a few minutes later.


`-t 30m`

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