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Creating Reminder from selected mail

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Got the first version working :D


It creates a reminder in 📥 Indbakke (change to your preferred folder) with the name of the sender and the subject of the mail. In the body of the reminder it pastes a link to the e-mail.

From what I can find on Google, it is not possible to insert the link in the URL of the reminder...


tell application "Mail"
	set _msg to item 1 of (get selection)
	set _messageURL to "message://%3c" & _msg's message id & "%3e"
	set _msgSubject to subject of _msg
	set _from to sender of _msg
	set _name to extract name from _from
	set theInfo to (_name & " - " & _msgSubject)
	set theLink to _messageURL
	tell application "Reminders"
		set mylist to list "📥 Indbakke"
		tell mylist
			make new reminder at end with properties {name:theInfo, body:theLink}
		end tell
	end tell
end tell


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