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Kubernetes Workflow - alfred-kubectl

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This workflow can be used to query a Kubernetes cluster and retrieve resources.


Currently the following global resource types are supported:

  • Node
  • Namespace
  • PV


And namespaced resource types:

  • Pod
  • Deployment
  • Configmap
  • Secret
  • Statefulset
  • PVC


Link to workflow

Link to the Github repo.



The main workflow keyword is kube. The workflow will guide the user through a series of api calls that will end up with a list of resources of the chosen type.

From here the user can use action modifiers to get further info about a resource (describe) using CMD+Enter.

For resource type pod two additional action modifiers are available:

  1. OPTION+Enter: get pod logs
  2. CTL+Enter: open an interactive session in the pod using /bin/sh


Another keyword (kube-context) can be used to quickly change context. This can also be set in the workflow configuration.




Initial prompt - pick a resource type



Pick a namespace or choose all namespaces



Get resources




This workflow relies on Python 3 and the following python packages (all shipped with the workflow):

  • os
  • sys
  • json
  • kubernetes


The workflow furthermore relies on the Kubectl CLI package for fetching details about the resources, pod logs and for executing code in pods (kubectl exec). Both resource details and pod logs will be moved away from kubectl in a later release, but opening interactive sessions into pods can't be done through the python client.


Kubectl can be installed with Homebrew and from binaries.

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