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  1. Right, that's a good reason! Thanks you for clarifying that! Yeah, that's a good idea I'll do that 👍 Thanks again for a great workflow.
  2. Thank you for a great workflow I know my issue is not the workflows fault, but I'm posting it here in case someone has had a similar problem! I'm having some problems using sftp:// and Terminal. I can see that the workflow executes the correct command: "open -a Terminal sftp://host". But nothing happens! No new Terminal window is opened regardless of Terminal is running or not. I know my ssh config is setup correctly as "ssh://host" works fine and I can open a sftp connection by manually executing "sftp host" in Terminal. I have VLC installed which by default catches sftp:// URL's, so I fixed that using "SwiftDefaultApps" even though the workflow is using the -a flag. That didn't help. Anyone had this issue? Google isn't much help. Most people just say that one should use ftps, but that's a completely different protocol! Hence, not helpful. Setup: Alfred-ssh: v0.8.0 macOS: 10.15.4 Terminal: 2.10 Default shell: /bin/zsh
  3. Thanks for the nice walk through:) It seems that the country code for Denmark is DK, but for some reason it doesn't work with your workflow. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5egwd80ytxn5t7j/DK.png?dl=0 Any suggestions?
  4. Hi citelao Thanks for a great workflow:) Is there any way to add a notification when a new song starts?
  5. Hi atheos Great workflow:) As katie, i'm not in the US and therefore need to change the country, in my case to DK (Denmark). The normal ISO country code for Denmark is DK, but that doesn't work. Do you know where I can find the country codes used by Netflix?
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