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Kiki - AI Powered Chat & Text Tools

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AI-Powered Chat & Text Tools

For Chat GPT and OpenRouter's Models


A short video showcasing some features.



OpenAI or OpenRouter API Token

Jq: Can be installed from Homebrew 


This workflow is specifically designed with the following features in mind:

  1. Quick chats initiated from Alfred’s command bar: These chats start in the command bar of Alfred and continue as AppleScript dialogs.
  2. Create and use presets for selected text or user input: Customize prompts, system role, temperature, and other settings per preset. This feature can help with grammar correction, translations, rephrasing, tone adjustment, smart text transformations, idea generation, and much more.
  3. Chat initiation options with the use of modifiers from Alfred’s command bar: These options include selecting an alternative model, an alternative system role or "persona," pasting results in the frontmost window, and preserving or resetting existing context.
  4. Easy continuation of previous conversations: Seamlessly continue previous conversations by using Alfred Universal actions on existing context files.
  5. Trigger presets on text using hotkeys, snippets, or external triggers: Activate presets on text using hotkeys, snippets, or external triggers for faster results, without needing to use Alfred's command bar.
  6. Markdown Chat: Enjoy the convenience of making AI requests directly in your preferred markdown text editor. Customize the chat settings through presets included on the header of your notes according to your preferences.











A few things I must mention:

  • I have written an extensive documentation over at Github. I may have gone a bit overboard, but this workflow can be as simple or as complicated as users want it to be.
  • My coding skills are very basic, so most of the code used to create this workflow came out of Kiki itself.
  • There are some workflows that are very powerful in using all that OpenAI's API has to offer, but Kiki doesn't try to do everything. This is a tool that shines as a utility for everyday text-related tasks. Because of that, I currently do not have plans to integrate it with image generation, vision, etc. Instead, I welcome any ideas on how to make this better at what it does. I have tried to work around limitations, and I've tried to make this workflow as customizable as possible, but I know it could probably be better.
  • If you encounter any bugs that you can reproduce please feel free to comment or let me know. Honestly, I'm a total beginner at this, but will be happy to help if I can.
  • Lastly, I hope I am not asking too much by requiring users to install Jq. I know that Alfred workflows that make it to the gallery do not have to deal with this, but it seems gallery submissions are closed for the time being. I also know that not every user wants to deal with the creation of presets using JSON files, do you have any idea on how to improve this?


It's my first workflow submission to this forum. I'm not sure of what I'm doing here (or on Github), but I hope you give this a try and hopefully find it useful.



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In case anyone stumbles upon this workflow. For some reason I can't edit my original post but just a quick note to mention that Kiki now supports Anthropic's models (Claude), Whisper AI, and can also be set to use a custom API Endpoint, among a few more things. Updates and full documentation can be found over at GITHUB

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Note: this workflow also supports OpenRouter as well as Local LLM tools like https://lmstudio.ai and https://gpt4all.io/index.html and https://ollama.com — this means you are not tied to OpenAI and its (im my personal opinion) problematic "hijack" of LLMs into a paid corporate tool. LLMs are based on academically "open" technology, and OpenAI was originally started as a way to democratise these tools before profit and corporate battles took ChatGPT as a closed-walled garden...


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