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Grid View Filtering Improvement

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Hello, like many others, I'm loving the 5.5 beta and these new User Interface objects! I'm working on something that utilizes the Grid View, and I was wondering if there was any way to have some fine-tuning options available for what is actually being filtered. Right now, it looks like it's just the title, but I could be wrong? It would really cool if you could specify what fields to match on, although I realize maybe the UI is getting a little cluttered if that's implemented.  It would be great though! Basically I just want to be able to filter the grid view by title or subtitle :)


Additionally, it would be pretty cool if we could get some more fine-tuning on the color scheme. Is the color in grid view coming from my theme selection? On images that are not highlighted, they all have a sort of dark blue background, and it does not go very well with the "standard" dark theme coloring.


Huh, I was just gathering up screenshots to illustrate my beef with the grid view background color, and I found a funny little bug. It seems that Grid View is displaying different amounts of items depending on whether or not I have light or dark mode on. Pressing ⌘+0 just toggled between the two different sizes, but light and dark are still different 😂


This is such an exciting development, though. Thank you!


Alfred 5.5 Beta - Dark Grid View.jpg

Alfred 5.5 Beta - Light Grid View.jpg

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I got distracted by the bug discovery, forgot my screenshots :)
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OK gosh, it's called "match" and it's not only in the documentation, I've used it plenty in the past 😹 I'm not sure how I overlooked that one, but I'm happy to report it's back in my workflow, and this thing is coming along quite nicely!


My concern about the colors remains intact, however.

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