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Home Assistant lights&switches

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Toggle lights and switches in Home Assistant


Back with Alfred after a short stint with the competitor 😀. I created a small workflow to control lights and switches through the Home Assistant REST API, written in Ruby. There's an existing workflow by @Browall however this is no longer functional (it's Python 2 based, and does not include support for long-lived access tokens).

Enter `ha` to bring up a list of all switches and lights, which can of course be filtered by typing their name. Hit return to toggle its state. Additionally, enter `%50` for a light to set its brightness level to 50.


The workflow is configured through Alfred, where there are inputs for the instance URL and access token. Additionally, you can enter a comma-seperated list of entity IDs to ignore. This can include wildcards. For example, I use `switch.adaptive*` to hide all the switches linked with the "adaptive lights" HA integration.

Install from Github: https://github.com/vincentezw/alfred-homeassistant/


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