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"Toggle visibility for apps" stopped working for Google Chrome, but still works for other apps


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For a long time I've used dozens of Workflows that do "Hotkey" → "Launch Apps / Files" with "Toggle visibility for apps", one for each of my commonly used apps. (One-key app show/hide! It's amazing!) But with the latest Alfred update this Workflow no longer hides Google Chrome when it's active, even though it still correctly activates when it's not active.

- Any other app I try still correctly does both show and hide — Messages, Stickies, Slack, VSCode, iTerm, Zoom, Music, Firefox, and even Shortcut Apps created from Chrome.

- I thought it might be a weird keybinding conflict (ctrl-shift-h), but changing to a few different keybindings doesn't solve it (ctrl-shift-g, ctrl-shift-b), and adding a Keyword trigger doesn't solve it either. So I suspect it's somehow an issue with Launch Apps / Files + Google Chrome?

- I also deleted and recreated the Workflow, in case something got weird there, but still the same broken behavior (shows but won't hide)


Alfred version & build number: 5.5 [2257]

macOS version: Ventura 13.6





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