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Request: a workflow to count the number of words in the current selection

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I've tried to no avail to create a workflow using AppleScript that counts the number of words in the selection of the topmost window, I'd like it to work using a keyword rather than a hotkey in order not to clutter my hotkey, someone knows if this is possible? Or is it only feasible to count the number of words of the current clipboard for instance? (I'd rather have a script that counts the words without having to copy to clipboard)  

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You can save the current clipboard content to a string, copy the selection to the clipboard using System Events keystroke command, count the words then put the initial content back to the clipboard. In resume:

set sCurrentCB to get the clipboard
end try

tell application “System Events”
keystroke "c" using command down
end tell

set sTextToCount to get the clipboard as text
—count words here

set the clipboard to sCurrentCB
end try
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That works, thank you. I have been looking for a way to do that ... and with a minor modification it can be used as a Universal Action:


on run
    set theWordCount to count words of ("{query}" as string)
    display dialog (theWordCount & " words in the selected text." as string)
end run

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