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Inserting a pause into a Workflow

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Sorry if this is redundant. I've searched this forum as well as Google and have come up dry. I need to know if inserting a pause or waiting for some confirmation is possible in a workflow. What I want to do is set up a "work from home" workflow where I launch a VPN connection (using OS X's native Cisco client) and have the workflow wait for about 10 seconds. Then the workflow would launch Mail, Cal, my RDP client, etc. If there was a way for Alfred to ask me if the connection was successful first, that'd be even better.


I suppose I could dig into writing a shell script to do all this and having the workflow launch the script, but I was wondering if what I wanted to do was supported by workflows.





EDIT: I wrote a script that gets the job done, but I'd still like to know if I can do this more "prettily" in the workflow UI. Thanks.

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Depending on what language you are doing the script in, you could always use a sleep/pause command. For instance, using a keyword to script to notification workflow, in the run script area, just add 'sleep 10' and after the keyword is actioned, the notification doesn't pop up for 10 seconds. You could also use Applescript to call another keyword automatically that has a Title set to "Continue" or something similar. You would attempt to connect, it redisplays alfred with a second keyword that would execute all functionality you need and just be sitting waiting until you press enter (after its connected).

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