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  1. Hey David, I saw your reply in the calendar thread (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5621-request-workflow-that-displays-upcoming-calendar-events-within-alfred/?hl=calendar)... I didn't see a way to download that as a workflow on your website; would you mind sharing it?

  2. +1 on this. I've noticed this several times in the past. I hate it reopening everything after a restart and even though the setting in OSX is there to *NOT* reopen, it'll reboot and open up 20 windows.. Grr
  3. Hi there, as I have found my answer.. is it possible to delete my account on here? did not find anything in my profile! thanks for your help!

  4. You can actually, from the Web Search preferences, double click on the "lucky" keyword and edit it from there
  5. We've n ever heard of anything malicious being spread via extensions or workflows. Hopefully we never will. So far, the community of workflow developers and creators have been a great asset and continue to help Alfred grow.
  6. The option isn't normally available. I made a workflow for it that, I haven't tried in quite some time so I'm not sure if it still works correctly or not. You can try it here
  7. Another way to do this would be to use External Triggers and a Script Filter. Do whatever you need then use an Output->Run Script, to call an External Trigger. The External Trigger is connected to a Script Filter with 2 options, a Yes and a No, or a Description (with valid=false) and a Yes and No. Then just proceed based on what they select. Personally, I would prefer this over the AppleScript dialogs
  8. Alfred should be able to do exactly what you are saying. As an example, I made 3 sample files.. temp1.txt -> content is "wet" temp2.txt -> content is "weather" temp3.txt -> content is "wet weather" Using the 'in' keyword as Vero suggested to search for 'in wet weather' only returns temp3.txt as a result.
  9. Actually, in the escaping, tick the option to escape double quotes. Was the text you tested this with.. did it have any double quotes in it? This works just as you described in my testing.
  10. The easiest way to do this is to create a new workflow, with a hotkey trigger. With the hotkey trigger, set the hotkey and set the argument property to be "Selection is OS X". Save that and move on. Next, add a Run Script action. Set the language to osascript, uncheck the escaping options. You probably wouldn't need them. Then in the code area enter.. tell application "TextEdit" activate make new document with properties {text:"{query}"} end tell Connect the hotkey and the action, and test it out.
  11. This could be possible with a workflow but you may be better served to just type a few characters and press enter to get the app you want, or, set a hotkey to launch/show the app you desire
  12. Could you provide the location of the files that are being found by Spotlight so that we can also confirm that that path matches a path listed in your Alfred scope?
  13. I don't know how much assistance you're looking for on this... Just a point in a direction to get your going: To perform something like this, you'd need a little AppleScript. There's another post that can help you grab the current url from most browsers. After that, you could just need to use a Open URL workflow action to open the url in the specified browser. If you want/need more than that, let me know and I'd be happy to help out.
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