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Ultimate Dropbox sharing workflow

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Hi guys,


I saw that there are already 2 different Doprobx workflows. Unfortunately, I don't think they're really convenient:

  • "Dropbox Short Links" (here) is able to get the link of any file located in the Dropbox folder, but doesn't work with a file that's not in the Dropbox folder. You have to copy/move the file manually then run the workflow.
  • "To Dropbox 3.0" (here) is able to copy/move any file to Dropbox and get a public link, but works only with the Dropbox "Public" folder (which is a bit deprecated).

I think that the Ultimate Dropbox sharing workflow would allow:

  1. To copy a random file to a specific Dropbox folder (e.g. "Shared Files")
  2. To generate a direct/share link for that file

I am not a developer so anything related to Ruby is really hard to understand and I am not able to develop/write such a workflow I need... Does anybody out there have some time to do it? I know I ask a favor here, but I'm sure you'll do 20 times faster than me. :-)



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Actually, it doesn't seem to work properly. I can set the folder but then the file is not placed in the specified folder (it always goes in Public) + I have to type the name of the file in the Alfred field. It would be nice if it directly uses the selected file.

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Because whitespaces are evil))) Most of developers never use whitespaces in the names of files or folders. I always use names like: folder_to_share or folderToShare. So there was no problem on my computer. But as you write before you are not developer)))

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Hi Minchik,


I'm interested in this workflow.  Unfortuntely, I am a mere mortal and have no idea what "assetup" is or where it can be found.  How does one locate and run this?


My thanks,



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Amazing! Have wanted this since installing alfred. A modification that would make it even better would be to have the option of copying a long link with "dl" instead of "www" as the prefix to the link address. As a mathematician, I link a lot of pdf's and it is nice to go straight to download when clicking. 


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I am not getting AS to work. I run assetup, then type "Share" which is a folder within my Dropbox and I select "/Users/khr/Dropbox/Share". When I then try to use "as <filename>" it prompts me to run assetup again.


I just downloaded AS from the provided link a few minutes ago, so I assume that I have the latest version.


BTW: I have Path Finder installed on my OSX 10.8.4 machine in case that may affect things.


I don't get any form of notification after running assetup.

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