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Open current Safari tab in Iron

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This workflow is barely a clone of this other one which is really good for those who uninstalled Flash from Safari but occasionally need a browser with flash activated to visualize some flash content. However I'm not using Chrome but SRWare Iron (based on Chromium) instead of Chrome so I changed a bit the workflow to make it work on Iron.


Btw (non-developer readers could go right to the next paragraph!), I also slightly changed the Applescript that was used by the Chrome workflow, because (correct me if I'm wrong) the script was doing nothing if no window was opened in Chrome. Then, I modified the script to make it open a new window if no one has been opened, or just create a new tab if a window is already there. Of course this modification could be applied to the Chrome workflow, so don't hesitate to copy my script if you believe it is better. And if you think I am making a mistake and I forgot something, please let me know ;).


As with any workflow, you just have few steps to make it work:

- download the file (link at the bottom of this post)

- double-click the downloaded file

- click import on the pop-up that appeared in Alfred

- it is imported !


Then, the usage is very straightforward: when you have a webpage that you want to open on Iron,

- open Alfred

- tap "openiniron"

- press Enter

- and it's done! You should now see your webpage in a new tab/window in Iron.


If you have any suggestion or comment, feel free to answer this topic.


Download link




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