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Query Calendars workflows

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So I've made two workflows for interrogating Calendars. For both, its best to use the format DD MMMM YYYY


The first just opens Calendar on the date you enter, in the view you want. To use, just enter the keyword, followed by the date, then optionally, the view, eg:

goto 20 december 2013

Opens the Calendar app on that date, in the existing view

goto 20 december 2013 month

Opens the Calendar app on that date, in month view (substitute month for week / day)


Download here



The second take the date, and enables you to select the number of days either side to display events around it using large type, eg:

around 20 december 2013

Will list the events 7 days either side of the date.

around 20 december 2013 3

Will list events 3 days either side.


Read the read me for this one - it needs you download and install icalbuddy to query the calendars, and then you need to use icalbuddy to select which calendars you want to refer to by changing the -ic XXXXXXXXXX to the UIDs of the calendars in question. 


Download here.



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