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  1. Ok I just thought it would be an option to chose daily or weekly for people who never turn their Macs off. Not that big of a deal will leave it daily
  2. Can an interval be added for the number of days? I prefer to back up weekly or every x number of days and nights every day since my preference file is 400MB each on both my Macs, and I am backing up to iCloud.
  3. I am guessing this file can be modified to make it weekly or every X number of days but I do not know how to do so. com.alfredapp.vitor.backuppreferences.plist
  4. Andrew, I'm not sure you remember, but starting with Alfred 5, I had issues syncing my two machines to iCloud Drive, so I continued syncing to back up my preferences, but I used different folders for each Mac. That solved the problem I had with my Preferences not syncing across Macs. I turned off iCloud syncing for both my Macs and moved the preferences to local, and now I no longer have the issue with high CPUs moving objects in Alfred's preferences! I installed the Alfred Preferences Backup Workflow as an alternative. Is it possible to add an option to customize the backup frequency? I prefer a weekly schedule instead of a daily one. My preferences are 400 MB and don't change much; if there is an issue, all my preferences may be corrupted. I prefer to have backups for 2 months instead of 8 days.
  5. I posted this once before back in March but that bug is closed so I am opening a new one. I have observed the same exact behavior on my personal Mac mini. That means it has nothing to do with Falcon Crowstrike. Also, I use two separate preferences files. I am no longer able to edit workflows as every time I move an object in a workflow the CPU goes over 100% for over 5 seconds. I either need to come up with a solution or roll back to Alfred 5.0 as this makes changes to workflows impossible. My Mac mini is a very generic Mac. I can duplicate the behavior on both Macs on demand by just moving a workflow obejct Both Macs run 14.4.1 and 5.5 [2257]
  6. M1 MacBook Pro. It is a corporate MacBook. I have rebooted but will try again and will try on my Mac mini. Starting to wonder if it is related to Crowdstrike since it causes so many issues. Thanks for looking into it.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/mq0dvh8rnuiqnbonob2kb/Resize-Apps-3008.zip?rlkey=f023rjpwm2r9iuoqww2a8x6b8&dl=0 macOS 14.3.1
  8. Alfred's preferences is spiking over 100% for about 10s and is unusable after I edit a simple workflow that has a bunch of entries with AppleScript used to resize apps on my desktop. Whenever I try and add a new connector it spikes. Easy to replicate. macOS 14.3.1 Alfred 5.5 [2257]
  9. Is there a way to show only Alfred Workflows that need updating? Or better yet, an option to update all workflows at once. I have been searching through my list of workflows a dozen times and still need help finding the one workflow that Alfred says can be updated.
  10. @Andrew I ran both machines again for another five days and had no glitches with the Mac mini preferences in iCloud and the MacBook preferences locally. I switched the MacBook to sync to iCloud and ran several remote sessions from my iPhone to both machines with no issues. I changed the workflow on the MacBook, and sure enough, the remote connection to the Mac mini failed, and the MacBook worked fine. This confirms my previous testing, and I believe the error is related to the sync after a change on one device. The status is inconsistent when I turn on sync and go into the workflows. Some workflows show up to date on one machine and not on the other, even though I am synced. I think I am done messing with this and will sync manually. The fix is to disable the remote feature on the broken machine and re-enable it.
  11. @Andrew I did that on November 7 with the old MacBook and the Mac mini and had no issues. I only recently got the new MacBook on Friday, so I re-enabled it, thinking it would be fine. I manually Synced both preference files by turning off sync and copied the file over. I turned off the Remote and deleted both Macs, and quit Alfred. I restarted Alfred and added both Macs back, and I will see what happens. Right now, they both are working with no issues. Last time however it took almost an entire day to fail. Btw without Sync I never have an issue with the Remote on both machines and the ServerUID is stored in a location that is not synced so I would not expect that to be the issue.
  12. I sync them through iCloud Drive, turn off optimized storage, and wait for the first to settle before syncing the second. The new Mac mini and the MacBook Pro were built from scratch. After syncing, I noticed a couple of Workflow only on the primary machine. Not sure why. I have been at this for two months, and now I have a new MacBook built from scratch with the same issue. I checked the ServerUID files, and they are unique. By the way, I can run both Macs with the Remote app and connect. It takes a little while for one of them to fail.
  13. Update - I have a new M1 MacBook Pro and still have the same problem with the new Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. There are no issues if I do not use the remote with both machines. This seems like a bug with the Remote app accessing multiple machines. I am forced to not Sync on the one device. The only thing I use the remote for on my corporate MacBook is for a script I wrote to unlock my machines. I will. I had another way to do it. I would ditch using the remote on the corporate device.
  14. I went ahead and ran the Alfred for two days with both machines synced, and it failed as expected on the MacBook Pro after two days. As mentioned, it appears to happen when you are accessing both devices from the remote around the same time. I turned off sync on the MacBook Pro, which has not happened in a week. There appears to be nothing wrong with the preferences file, just that it does not like simultaneous access to the file from 2 machines. Whenever I used it with two devices in the past, it was not at the same time, usually at least 15 min between accesses.
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