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  1. Not sure if you still need Alfred Remote Testers but I use Alfred Remote everyday for years and I meet all the requirements.
  2. Not sure if you still need Alfred Remote Testers but I use Alfred Remote everyday for years and I meet all the requirements.
  3. I have been using Alfred Remote from the beginning and now noticed there is an option for different grid sizes. How is this implemented? I have an iPhone 11 Max pro. Is this only for iPAD. If I change the grid size nothing happens. Is this supported on iPhone 11 max Pro and if so do all the pages have to be the same size for it to work. I can find no docs on this.
  4. I cannot get past this error and I tried doing what you suggested and running it from terminal and I get the same error.
  5. I cannot wait for Alfred Remote to support Siri. I use Alfred remote to lock and unlock my Mac with a shell/AS script and a Keychain password and would love to tell Siri to unlock my Mac. 🙂
  6. Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for. For some reason my new Logitech keyboard with Logi Options daemon was interfering although I could not find a setting for the keyboard shortcut and it appeared to do nothing. I uninstalled it and set the shortcuts in Alfred and reinstalled it and now it is fine.
  7. I tried another test and I was able to use that hotkey in system preferences/keyboard/shortcuts so I know it is not being used.
  8. I have noticed this once or twice before. I was using a hotkey ctrl-opt-cmd-k and ctrl-opt-cmd-t for over a year now to launch 2 different apps. I went into my hockey workflow and remove the mappings and changed int for a brief moment and now I cannot put it back. If I try to change back to he original hotkey Alfred does not respond to the input when changing the hotkey. As if it is being used by another app. It is baffling.
  9. Thx - curios what the bug is since it is not an issue with Spotlight?
  10. I have noticed that some of the system preference icons are blank in the Alfred search bar when you type the name of the preference directly: General, Internet Accounts, Flash Player to name 3. See screenshots
  11. All this rhetoric is totally unnecessary as there are no problems in the App and it works beautifully. However, all of this can be dispelled with a simple answer of whether we can expect an update in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years etc..... Just a rough guideline since there has been no feedback on this for a very long time - over a year now. As I have stated in the past, I would like to see a new updated version for the iPhone with the latest iOS features but understand that Andrew has to allocate his time appropriately. I personally am willing to pay for such an update.
  12. I have been having this problem on and off for some time in Mac OS 10.15. It is sometimes Terminal but now it is also the Login window and Webex Teams. Any ideas.
  13. It has been almost 2 years this since was first discussed and I have not seen anything on expected release time frame. With all the changes in IOS an update is much needed. I would rather pay for the update and get it sooner than later.
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