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New Workflow: Calca Toolkit

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This workflow is for keeping track of budgets and notes using the Calca.app. Calca is a great markdown editor with advance inline mathematics ability. You have to try it to really appreciate it.


You can set a budget template ("calca:budget" keyword and selecting "Edit Template"), and then create budgets each month ("calca:budget" keyword and selecting "Make from Template"). The "calca:budget" keyword will also show all of the available budget files that you can edit.


You can use the "calca:notes" keyword to see available notes to edit or create a new one from scratch giving the title in the Alfred command line. If you hold down the command key while pressing enter, it will paste the contents in the clipboard to the selected file.


version:  1.0   Aug 5, 2013

Download: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/CalcaToolKit.alfredworkflow

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I split this workflow up into a Budgets Workflow, Notes workflow, and a Todo Workflow. Each allows you to set the editor you want to use, but does have a default as Calca and TaskPaper. You can get them off of my GitHub account (https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred) or read about them on my web site (http://customct.com/alfred-2-workflows).


If you need a functionality that I do not have, let me know and I might find time to add it. Thanks.

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