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For work, I have to write a lot of letters. I will occasionally use word or pages to do so and use a template. I was wondering if there was a way to use Alfred in the workflow. I would like to be able to open alfred and do a keyword like "WL" or something and have it open the program and if possible fill in the contacts information in the address block with a contact from my address book. Example: "WL John Smith". Is this something that is possible or am I out of luck?




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Hi, you can do this with some applescripting. I put together an example here: http://db.tt/BpB2x2jc

once you import this, then add the "write letter" action to the name contacts actions field. It should look like this: http://db.tt/OSQSz4n0
Remember to have Pages already open with the letter you want to write. You can most likely script that part as well, but I am fairly new to AppleScript. 
Once this is done, you bring up the contact in Alfred and hit return on the Contact Name. It is that simple ;-)
Alternatively, you can change the script to return the address as text and pipe that to a clipboard box. Then just paste it where ever you want. Much easier I think.
I hope this helps.
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