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Launch Corona Terminal using iTerm2

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This is a pretty specific and convoluted workflow, but one that I use quite a few times daily. 


Who's it for:

It is useful to developers using the Corona SDK toolkit to create mobile apps. 


What it does:

For a given string parameter, it searches a specified directory for subdirectories of that name which contain a main.lua file. Once it's found that it starts a new iTerm2 session and launches the Corona Terminal app with that main.lua file as an argument.



Corona Terminal doesn't play nice with directories with spaces in the names.


The original was written for Alfred 1. As it just invokes the script, the workflow is trivial, with the exception that you need to cd into the directory with the scripts first.


My Run Script workflow element contains:

cd script_directory

python -u corona_launch.py ~/Programming/ {query} 


Here's the github for the original: https://github.com/personalnadir/Launch-Corona-with-iTerm2


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