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Whois Lookup in Alfred [help required] :)

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The idea is to do whois in alfred.

This doesn't really work yet, originally the script was a php app that worked using MAMP. I have tried to modify it to work in alfredapp but require some help. Hope some of you are interested in adding this simple feature to AlfredApp :)



Take a look https://github.com/prestonw/alfred-whois/tree/master



How are you wanting this to work? Show a few lines of the result in Alfred as feedback?

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Hi David, thanks for the response :)


I have attached a screenshot of the workflow, basically I type "whois domaintocheck.com" in alfred but maybe I'm doing the php code wrong since its my first workflow. At the moment I get the error:


Parse error: parse error, expectin '"function (T_FUNCTION)"' in /Users/Will/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.9ADA034F-DEE6-4278-B4EC-79810FD4EADA/whois.php on line 122.


I checked that line and its just the last line of code, so not really sure what I should look at next.



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I did something similar, just with BIN/BASH


in your run script, change the language to "/bin/bash" and in the script portion just paste the following:

whois {query}

for 'keyword' just make sure it is set to WITH SPACE and Argument Required.


This works fine for me … although a LOT more could be done with this I'm sure.

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