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Alfred Pokédex

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Thought I'd hop in and see if there are any pokémon fans lurking around in here.


I made a Pokédex workflow for anyone interested.  It can look up pokémon by name, number, and even multiple at once.


It opens tab(s) in your default browser to the pokemondb.net pokedex page.





or download workflow file:



Enjoy! :)

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First build done.


Not sure yet how to display the information. I want it to be fast at glance. And I'd love to be able to put images + type names instead of only the name of the type ;( 


Well, here's an image of what I've got so far, hehe.


See you :D



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Hey, it's me again!


So, I've added some more features to the Alfredex :D 


Now you can look up items, moves, abilities and so on. You can even search for TM, like TM10 or HM03 ;)


Here are some images:








Also, my Super Effective! workflow has a new feature as well. Now you can check Dual-Types Pokémon weaknesses.




You can download both workflows here:


Pokédex: https://db.tt/a6bhugxY


Super Effective!: https://db.tt/uVvaEdub


Thanks :D ~! 

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So, here's the full description of all features and how to use them:

Quick update: Some fixes and new move filter feature.


- Works offline.
- Pokémon Info: 
+ Types
Example: "dex bulbasaur"
Pro tip: Press Enter on the Pokémon type to use Super Effective! workflow and check the effectiveness of your attacks.
+ Moves learnt by Level up
Example: "dex bulbasaur lvl"
+ Moves learnt by TM
Example: "dex bulbasaur tm"
+ Moves learnt by HM
Example: "dex bulbasaur hm"
+ How to evolve
Example: "dex bulbasaur evo"
- Moves Info:
+ Type, Category, Description, Power, Accuracy, PP, Probability
Example: "move psychic" or "move tm10" or "move hm02"
- Items Info:
+ Description
Example: "item plate"
- Abilities Info:
+ Description
Example: "ability pressure"
- Serebii and Pokemondb easy access:
Open Serebii or Pokemondb for more info about Pokémon, Moves, Items and Abilities.
Hold Option key: Pokemondb
Hold CTRL key: Serebii
You can look up Pokémon by name (English or Japanese) or by national number.
Also, you can filter the moves learnt by TM, Level up and so on by type.
Example: 'dex bulbasaur lvl grass' or 'dex slowbro tm fire'
Any feedback is welcome. Please, contact me if you find some mistake.



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