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PHP and $_ENV

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I'm writing a workflow with PHP filter scripts and I'm trying to use $_ENV but it doesn't seem to work:


$supernova_cfg = parse_ini_file($_ENV["HOME"]."/.supernova", true);


this will work as expected when I run it form command line but it'll fail when executed by Alfred action. Am I doing something wrong ?

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I just checked this code on an random iMac in the Apple Store to make sure it wasn't something special I had done to get it work..



$var = exec('printf $HOME');
echo $var;


That DEFINITELY works. In your example if you put the printf $HOME portion in double quotes that will mess things up btw. By doing that, it will look at $HOME as a php variable instead of system variable. Take the code above and copy and paste it into a new php file and then run:


php -f <file>.php 


That will run the file from the command line. That should 100% work.

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