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Resolution switcher rMBP 13"

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Alfred 2 Workflow to change the resolution for 13" MacBook Pro Laptops

Shamelessly copied and adopted for 13" MacBook Pro Retina displays (running under OS X Mavericks).
Slightly extended to send notifications for each new resolution. Keyboard Shortcut changed.
'res r' or ⌘⌥^R for 1280*800         (think 'r' as in 'Retina')
'res h' or ⌘⌥^H for 1440*900        (think 'h' as in 'hi-res display', like the old 1680*1050 MBP Hi-Res display)
'res f' or ⌘⌥^F for 1680*1050       (think 'f' as in 'full-hd')
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