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I've written a rudimentary workflow that will query for the Departing/Destination airport codes along with the depart/return dates and pull up the kayak.com results. It can be used for both a round trip or a one way flight.


If it is used for a one way flight: the return date should be left as a single character (i.e: " " or "x"). (Actually, the code simply checks to make sure it isn't a 4 character string, like the date, so anything that isn't 4 characters will work...)


There really aren't any error checks except that the year is defaulted to the current year, unless it's later than Dec. 20th and whitespace is removed from the inputs -->  impossible dates or imaginary airport codes will pull an error from the kayak website.


I'm new to workflows and am less than dangerous with coding so any comments/advice for improvement is appreciated. I would've liked to give the option to link to Orbitz, Priceline, etc. as well but their search URLs are a little more "interesting" so that is for another day or someone more ambitious than me.


The workflow is here:


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