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Select ScanSnap Manager Profile

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Select a ScanSnap Manager Profile via the keyboard.








After downloading, double-click to install the workflow in Alfred.


You'll need to Enable Access for Assistive Devices.


Turn Off Quick Menu


If you are using this workflow, I assume you have ScanSnap Manager Profiles set up. Since that is the case, I assume you have ScanSnap Manager’s Quick Menu turned off. If that is not the case, right-click on the ScanSnap Manager Dock icon, choose Settings…, and uncheck Use Quick Menu.




Select A ScanSnap Manager Profile


To select the profile you want, simply type ssp and then the name of your Profile. For example, if I want to select my Scan To Email profile, I’d type this:


ssp Scan To Email


If ScanSnap Manager isn’t running it should start it up, but there might be a bit of a delay.




You need to know the name of your ScanSnap Manager Profile before executing the command.

ScanSnap Manager doesn’t natively support AppleScript. This means we are doing some GUI scripting here, and this means that if Fujitsu changes something in the UI, this could all break.




This workflow is completely built upon this awesome script from Daniel Jalkut. Thank you Daniel!

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