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1Password Integration Gets Confused By MAS And Web Versions


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I had a customer come over from your forums and they were having an issue where none of the items in Alfred were updating to be the same as their 1Password data.


Turns out that the user had both the Mac App Store version and the Website version of 1Password installed, or at least setup. 


In this case, the user's Alfred was referencing the Mac App Store version, but they were using the website version of 1Password. So it was looking at the wrong bookmarks-default.json file.


I'm not sure the best way to handle this in your app, but you might make it so that the user could choose which one they want to use if both files exist. It's possible that a user may be using this feature and has the beta version from our website installed and to register it they've used the MAS version (we read the MAS receipt and auto-register the beta). 


Let me know if I can do anything to help with this! You can email me kyle at the agilebits domain. 




Kyle Swank



P.S. An email for reporting bugs like this would be most useful. :)

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