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Mr. Poole - A Workflow for Jekyll Sites

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Mr. Poole - Dr. Jekyll's Butler




Mr. Poole is an Alfred workflow for Jekyll sites. He is Dr. Jekyll's butler and tries to take the drudgery out of running a static site. Mr. Poole will assist you by...

  • creating, opening and publishing drafts of regular as well as link and video posts
  • opening existing posts for editing
  • opening existing pages for editing
  • starting a local server with the site including drafts
  • opening the site folder in Sublime Text for development plus the above
  • deploying the site to your server with rsync
  • tweeting about (new) posts
Details and Download
  • For a general introduction please head over to my blog post about Mr Poole
  • For all the details, the requirements and the changelog please take a look at the ReadMe on GitHub
  • Download it on GitHub
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I've just tweaked the workflow a little bit, updated the documentation and made my post more readable with Vítor's MarkdownBulletin workflow - it's incredible that when I googled the infinite interwebzzz for a Markdown to BBCode converter I found the solution right here in this forum. ;)

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  • added: New link post draft command (only for modified Jekyll sites - please the Link and video postssection)
  • added: New video post draft command (only for modified Jekyll sites - please the Link and video postssection)
  • added: Tweet article command (requires Tweetbot for Mac)
  • change: added a sed line to the Publish draft action that replaces the date: line in the post's YAML front matter with a line containing current date and time to ensure the correct order of multiple posts from the same date
  • change: the current date is now added to the front matter of new drafts and pages
  • change: added lowercase conversion for new filenames throughout the workflow

Please refer to the following articles for more information about post formats:

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