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Blur Hack Broken


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It looks like the Blur hack broke again.


I'm using the Yosemite beta release.


The hack broke with v2.4:277 and remains broken with v2.4:278.


Tyler's Blur workflow doesn't fix it. I checked the `defaults` for Alfred (via the old method of setting it), and my blur setting is still 15.


I guess there is a chance that this isn't broken but that it somehow set with a different plist when under Yosemite when using syncing; but I'm not quite sure that happens because it worked in 2.4 pre 277.

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Well, I just opened the preferences window and saw that I could set it under the options sub-tab in the Appearance tab. So, I guess the plist that the option is set in changed.


(So, consider this bug report moot and closed)

Edited by Shawn Rice
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