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Improve fuzzy logic search for multiple words in query to be used for paths as well

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I am brand new to alfred and trying it out to include it in my workflow,  so far I am happy but i am starting to find some things that hopefully are good enough for you to consider to improve.


One of which is the fuzzy logic search for files. Although it's nice, and it works, I'd like it to be even a bit more flexible. I very much like the way sublime text handles file searching.


So, I am a developer and I have tons of source files lying around, a lot may have the same name as different project share the same source codes (same framework, etc.).


Normally I want to get to a specific file or directory quickly. Typing just the name of the directory would work, but I might have to go over a big list. What I'd expecet is something like this to work:


find WORD1 WORD2 WORD3 to give me files with all words are present, including paths. Right now it works only for the filename if it has spaces, however, I may want to find a file within a directory, so WORD1 can be a directory, this doesn't work.







I could look for index.php and scroll, but I very much like to do :


find b index.php and quickly show me the proper one, you could also list alternatives below to scroll, sorted by relevance as normal, like two words found in paths, one word and so on.


Hope to have been clear enough. Looking forward to hearing what you think.



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